Bristish Gas








British Gas required a new supplier of livery for their commercial fleet, including design, manufacture, install and consultation.




HEX was able to secure the British gas contract after demonstrating considerable expertise in adapting and re-designing the British Gas livery design. This included reformatting and value engineering the application process resulting in considerable savings for the customer.


In addition to livery management, Hex were able to offer an accident repair service available to all operators via an online portal. This fully managed, streamlined service was a key factor in British Gas’ decision to choose HEX




After re-working the British Gas Livery design during an intense consultation period, the customer was delighted with the results. HEX was able to exceed expectations in terms of quality, whilst also reducing cost during the manufacture and install process.


Accident repair kits were produced and stocked and a fully managed online portal set up. British Gas operators are now able to quickly and simply order replacement livery for all commercial fleet vehicle variants.




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