Cadent Re-Brand Case Study




Cadent (National Grid)








National grid underwent a nationwide re brand of their commercial vehicle fleet. In total, 1200 vehicles & 5 different vehicle variations required a livery change over within a 12-month period.




HEX Signs & Graphics developed & implemented a mobile livery re-brand workshop solution, which involved temporary structures being erected at optimal locations around the UK.


Customer drivers would then drop off their vehicle and make use of a courtesy vehicle supplied by HEX. Once livery change over was complete the driver would return the courtesy and take back their re branded vehicle.


The entire solution was developed to reduce disruption to drivers and minimise any impact on the customers’ business as a whole. HEX designed and produced re brand kits for 5 vehicle variants and installed 1200 kits during the project. 




HEX Signs & Graphics completed the 12 months re brand project on time, hitting all pre-agreed deadline and KPI’s throughout. Intensive planning and project management throughout enabled HEX to quickly re located workshops ad re deploy installation teams in a flexible, responsive way where required.




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